Real Estate Webdesigns

Real Estate Webdesigns
17 Nov 2015

Real Estate Webdesigns

Our Real Estate Webdesigns are much more than the standard WordPress themes. We offer a robust content management system which enables you to keep track of your client interactions. The best real estate websites provide integration with IDX and MLS. Consequently, our real estate website designs incorporate these two significant features.

Real Estate Webdesigns CMS

Contact Management Systems are essential to any successful real estate webdesigns. WordPress is maybe the best software for building real estate websites that also contains the necessary blogging capability. After designing also developing your site, your design is implemented on the WordPress platform.

Real Estate Webdesigns Plug-ins

When designing a website specifically for the real estate industry, it’s essential that specific plugins be included in the design to make day to day tasks more manageable. Our award-winning real estate webdesigns have taken the time to review some of the most popular real estate website designs plugins and customized them to work seamlessly with your real estate website.

Real Estate Webdesigns lead capture forms.

Growing real estate webdesigns require a focused marketing plan and even more diligence. Your marketing efforts then result in tons of traffic to your real estate website also having a way of collecting those leads is critical. We place contact forms on several pages within your site design. These contact forms capture critical information also store it inside of your content management system.  An email notification gets sent with each new lead also, those leads can then be forwarded to a general pool or assigned to a specific agent.

Real Estate Webdesigns IDX Integration

Search Engine Optimization of real estate webdesigns content ensures that all of your property listings are being indexed properly by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As a result keyword optimized content enables sites like Google to show your site when queried for relevant hosted content.

Internet Data Exchange or more commonly known IDX is how MLS listings integrate into your real estate website. Almost all real estate agents and brokers will have one or several MLS areas that they serve. Our Real Estate Webdesigns will assess your specific strategy also needs, while determining which IDX integration is best for your real estate website design

Social Media Integration

Social media connectivity is a potent marketing tool. Even more, it is certainly important as it relates to the real estate industry.

Sharing a property view on your real estate webdesigns with a visitors social network is powerful. Above all a business has to be visible where prospects spend time.  Your candidates are utilizing social media, so it’s vital that visitors to your site can seamlessly connect to their social media accounts. Our real estate webdesigns include share buttons to all of the major social media sites (i.e., Twitter Facebook Google Plus, etc.).


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